1/2-2“ T-Wrap Binder Sleeve-Charcoal

1/2-2“ T-Wrap Binder Sleeve-Charcoal


All it takes is one simple idea. Own the very product that help me turn my curse into an entrepreneurial crusade. A printed graphic binder sleeve that looks and feels identical to a real t-shirt. It has arm sleeves that wraps around a 3-ring binder notebook, this tool secures school materials with Velcro keeping things in place as you move around.

The finishing touch is my signature mantra, “keep an open mind” message inside that will remind young kids to think positive whenever life presents challenges. 

  • Functional Arm Sleeves
  • Tri-Blend Material 
  • “Keep An Open Mind” Signature Label
  • Fits a 1/2-2“ Size Binder
  • Binder Not Included
  • Made in Los Angeles, California
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The “Apple Mind” design was my very first design. Inspired by Macintosh’s one bite Apple logo. I purposely misspelled “byte” both as a nod to my dyslexia (hey, it’s just who I am), and as a play on words. 

“Success means taking more than one byte” is more than just a message. It encourages entrepreneurs to dream bigger and never settle for mediocrity.